Anderson School District One 2014 - 2015 Retirees

For Immediate Release:          

Anderson School District One

Jane Harrison, Public Information


May 20, 2015


Anderson School District One’s 36th Annual Retirement Luncheon was held on May 15, 2015 in the George Seaborn Boardroom at the District Office.  Retirees were honored and recognized for their years of dedicated service in Anderson One. David Havird, Superintendent, presented each person a plaque listing their total number of years. 32 retirees have devoted almost 700 years of service to the students of Anderson School District One.

Mr. Havird said, “It is a privilege and honor to recognize our long serving employees that have provided academic and support services in Anderson One. We wish them the very best in their retirement.”


Front row – Left to Right

Iris Donnan, Powdersville Elementary
35 years, 33 in Anderson One

Michele Hyndman, Spearman Elementary
30 years, 16 in Anderson One

Bonnie Hasson, Spearman Elementary
37 years, 11 in Anderson One

Karen Ashley, Palmetto Middle
35 years, 25 in Anderson One

Elaine Goodwin, Hunt Meadows
35 years in Anderson One

Lucinda Gibson, Hunt Meadows
29 years, 12 in Anderson One

Iris Aschenbrand, Hunt Meadows
41 years, 14 in Anderson One

Muchell Moore, West Pelzer Elementary
25 years in Anderson One

Tanya Richbourg, Administration Office
35 years, 22 in Anderson One

Sonja Smith, Powdersville Middle
24 years in Anderson One

Middle Row - Left to Right

Lynne Holcombe, Wren Elementary 
33 years, 27 in Anderson One

Debra Gill, Powdersville Elementary
35 years, 29 in Anderson One

Stacy Brooks, Spearman Elementary
 32 years, 27 in Anderson One

Lou Ann Rowland, Powdersville Middle
28 years in Anderson One

Jenny Trombley, Palmetto High 
24 years, 9 years in Anderson One

Jan Whitson, Wren High
  33 years in Anderson One

Valerie Beaudreau, Wren High
24 years, 8 in Anderson One

Belinda Finley, West Pelzer Elementary
24 years in Anderson One

Georgia Anderson, Spearman Elementary
16 years in Anderson One

Back Row - Left to Right

 David Armstrong, Palmetto Middle

41 years, 38 in Anderson One

Chuck Niemeyer, Wren High
34 year, 28 in Anderson One

Charles Sattler, Powdersville Middle
12 years in Anderson One

Ed Conner, West Pelzer Elementary
15 years in Anderson One

Maggie Elrod, Wren High 

37 years in Anderson One

Jean Ann Charlesworth, West Pelzer Elementary
33 years, 21 in Anderson One

 Martha Reubert, Wren High

21 years, 9.5 in Anderson One

Not pictured:

Lynne Balentine
33 years, 32 in Anderson One

Ray Callaham, Wren High
 22.5 years, 21 in Anderson One

Barbara Cawley-Masaki, Powdersville Elementary
23 years, 10 in Anderson One

Jimmy Ginn, District Office
11 years of service

Mark Hyndman, Wren High
 33 years, 16 in Anderson One

Lisa M. Patton, Powdersville Elementary
30.5 years in Anderson One