Cedar Grove Elementary Wins International JetToy Competition

Congratulations to Cedar Grove Razor Rockets for winning the International JetToy Competition in Detroit, Michigan. Olivia Cabaniss, Taylor Berry and Chloe Branyon represented Cedar Grove and competed against over 500 students from all over the world. These students were accompanied by their teacher, Kristy Smith.  School administrators Kristie Finley and Jeffrey Simpson also attended the event.

The JetToy Challenge offers students, teachers and volunteers who have participated in A World in Motion - JetToy Challenge an opportunity to come together and share what they have learned through their experience. The JetToy Challenge is set up as a friendly competition where students (in Engineering Design Teams of 4) compete in distance, accuracy, weight carrying and timed events. SAE International hosts this yearly competition through the gracious sponsorship of Johnson Controls, Bosch, Kia, TRW, Pure Michigan, Henkel and Honda.

Jane Harrison, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Curriculum, for Anderson School District One praised these students and their teacher, “Under the direction of their teacher, Ms. Smith, these students have flourished. This STEM unit is done in all 5th grade classrooms in the district. Students love the hands on experience. These three students excelled in working together and problem solving. They have worked tirelessly and spent many hours working after school to prepare for the competition in Detroit. We are thrilled they won the entire event.”

Pictured Left to Right:
Teacher, Kristy Smith, Taylor Berry, Chloe Branyon and Olivia Cabaniss