Anderson School District One Recognizes Junior Scholars

For Immediate Release

Anderson School District One

Jane Harrison, PIO

March 16, 2015

Anderson School District One would like to recognize the 2014 – 2015 South Carolina Junior Scholars.  The South Carolina Junior Scholars Program was developed by the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) during the 1985–86 school year to identify eighth grade students with exceptional academic talent and to develop strategies for inclusion into special programs.  The program includes a process for screening a potential talent pool of students, identifying and recognizing those students with exceptionally high scholastic achievement and intellectual ability, and sponsoring summer opportunities in collaboration with participating South Carolina colleges and universities. 

Palmetto Middle School 
Pictured Left to Right:
Front Row - Logan Bruce, Parker Jackson
Back Row - Regan Gregory, Drew Howard, Andrew Byrne
Powdersville Middle School
Pictured left to right:
Front Row:  
Kiara Irby, Emma Bishop, William Cooley, Jake Richeson, Gavin Stafford, Georgiana Walters, Marissa Haller, Lauren Patterson
Middle Row:
McKinzie Chenvert, Logan Parnell, Walker Patterson 
Back Row: 
Brendan McManamon, William Robertson, Abby Godfrey, Kolin Campbell, Greg Middleton, Mikayla Cluxton, Kayleigh Kelly, Kilee Knight, Lynsie Hawkins

Not pictured:  J.R. Orr, Ashley Keyes, Dylan King and Alex Stroud

Wren Middle School 

Top Row (left to right):

Lori Akers, Michael Bertram, Jordan Britt, Noah Britt, Dylan Bruss, Jacob Coffee, Gavin Cooper, Mackenzie Dupuy, Miles Freeman

Middle Row:

Jay Gambrell, Kelly Hazzard, Stephen Julian, Kayla Kallio, Erin Kirchner, Nicholas Koenigstein, Ashton Lester, Graham Mackey, Curtis Massingale, Emma Merritt, Lauren Merritt

Bottom Row:

Austin Morris, Craten Richardson, Mackenzie Sanders, Madison Sparks, Madeline Sudbeck, Carter Vest, Johnathan Ward, Madison White, Claire Wilson

Not pictured:  Erin Kirchner, Collin Vogel,