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Parent Portal Instructions

If you have already created an account, click here to continue to the Parent Portal
If you have not created an account this school year, you should read the Parent Single Sign-On directions below before attempting to setup your account.
What are the benefits of the Parent Portal?
  • Access to multiple students with one login
  • Personalized account for each parent and guardian
  • Ability for parents to retrieve their own login information.
What will I need to create an account?
You need your student's Access ID and Access Password. If you have the Access ID and Access Password from last year, these should have remained the same. If you do not remember these or you have never received these, contact the school and request the Parent Portal Web Access Letter for your student. Parents new to the Parent Portal this year will be required to fill out a form at the school and show their driver's license before receiving the letter.
How do I create an account?
1. Click the Create Account Buttonbutton.
2. Complete the information below Create Parent Account:
  • First Name - type your first name in the box
  • Last Name - type your last name in the box
  • Email - Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent account will be sent to this email.
  • Desired Username - Type what you want your Parent Portal username to be in this box.
  • Password - Type what you want your Parent Portal password to be in this box. It must be at least 6 characters long.
3. Complete the information below Link Students to Account:
  • Student Name - Type your student's name in this box.
  • Access ID - Type your student's Access ID from the Parent Portal Web Access Letter in the box.
  • Access Password - Type your student's Access Password from the Parent Portal Web Access Letter in the box.
  • Relationship - Select your relationship to the student from the drop down menu.

4. Repeat the information in step three for any additional students in your family.

5. Click the Enter button.
6. After you successfully create your account, you will use the username and password you created in step two above to login to the Parent Portal.

 If you have any problems creating your account, contact your student's school.

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