• South Carolina Code Dealing With Volunteers


    SECTION 59-19-117. Criminal record search for individuals hired by district; adoption of written policy; training; National Sex Offender Registry check on certain district employees; training; adoption of written policy. [SC ST SEC 59-19-117]


    (B) Each school district of this State shall perform a National Sex Offender Registry check on all district employees hired to serve in any capacity in a public school and all volunteers who work in a school on an interim or regular basis as mentors, coaches, or any other capacity, or volunteers who serve as student chaperones or any other capacity having direct interaction with students. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, working with the Department of Education, shall provide training to appropriate district personnel on the appropriate uses of the database. By August 1, 2010, the district board of trustees shall adopt a written policy that specifies the sex offender registry check as well as how information received from the search impacts hiring decisions. The policy must include, at a minimum, a prohibition of hiring individuals required to register as sex offenders pursuant to Section 23-3-430.