• Governor's School for The Arts & Humanities
    Applications for the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities are available online. 
    The student applying in creative writing, drama, music, or visual arts must be currently enrolled in the tenth grade in a public, private, or home-school curriculum. The student applying in dance must be currently in the eighth, ninth, or tenth grade. (If space remains following auditions of all eligible students, consideration may be given to exceptional eleventh grade students.)

    Successful completion of the following high school courses by the end of the tenth grade is strongly recommended:


    English (2 units)

    Social studies (1 unit)

    Math (2 units)

    Science (2 units, should include one lab science)

    Computer science (1 unit; .5 unit may be keyboarding)

    Foreign Language (1 unit, 2 preferred)

    Physical education (1 unit; SCHSAH does not offer physical education)

    Electives (2 units preferred)


    The remainder of the units required high school graduation is taken at SCGSAH, along with intensive training and instruction in the arts discipline.

    Academic excellence is an integral component of the school's mission. The student must have a minimum grade point average of "C" in all academic and arts courses taken in the ninth and tenth grades. Grades lower than "C" will be thoroughly reviewed.

    The student must be artistically talented, ambitious, dedicated, and interested in in-depth training and education beyond the traditional level. The students must demonstrate poise, a positive attitude toward life and learning, and an above average level of maturity and seriousness of purpose. Students may apply in more that one art area, but may attend in only one art area.

    To audition in more than one art area, or for more than one program, such as the Honors Program and the High School, students must complete an application and submit an application fee or a request for fee waiver for each audition.

    Cost: There is neither tuition nor room and board fees associated with the High School. There is an annual activity fee. Additional fees may be assessed due to state budget constraints. If necessary, students accepted into any of the programs will be notified as soon as possible.

    No qualified student will be denied the opportunity to participate in any SCGSAH program based on an inability to pay associated costs. Both application fee waivers and tuition scholarships (full and partial) are available to those students with validated financial need.
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