• South Carolina Colleges & Universities

    College Information

    The South Carolina Information Highway (SCIWay) http://www.sciway.net/colleges/  provides a directory with links to South Carolina colleges and universities. 
    Visiting a prospective college or university can be a valuable experience.  Most seniors have visited several colleges and are now ready to narrow their choices to two or three.  If visitations have not been made, please visit your college of choice during the upcoming months.  In addition to visiting colleges, students should meet with college representatives who visit our school during the lunch periods. 
    Seniors are entilted to two (2) college day visits that will be an excused absence.  Juniors are entitled to one (1) college visit day.  Please use the College Day Visitation Form by clicking on the link provided or obtain a form in guidance.
    The form and verification from the college needs to be turned in to the Attendance Office within one week of your visit in order to receive an excused absence.
    Applying to College:
    How do I get a college application?    Go online to the college or university website.  You can apply online (best option) or print an application. You can also request one directly from an institution through e-mail or regular mail.

    When should I apply?  It is best to apply early to improve your chances of acceptance (September or October).
    Should I wait to send my college application after I take the ACT or SAT? No! Your college applications should be sent as soon as possible.  The college application and test scores will come together at the college or university admissions office.
    What do I do with my completed college application?  Check application carefully before submitting!  After submitting, request that your high school transcript be sent by Guidance through the parchment transcript delivery website.  Students can go through parchment.com to send transcripts for FREE.  

    Colleges and universities will not accept a transcript from a student.  It must be an official transcript that was sealed at the high school or was sent through parchment.