• State Requirements for High School Diploma
    Twenty-four units are to be earned and distributed as follows:
    English 4 units
    Mathematics 4 units
    Science 3 units *
    Social Studies 1 unit
    Government 1/2 unit
    Economics 1/2 unit
    US History 1 unit
    Physcial Education
    1 unit (1 unit of ROTC may be substituted)
    Computer Science 1 unit (may include 0.5 unit of Keyboarding)
    Electives 7 units
    Students in a college prep curriculum 1 unit of foreign language (colleges require 2 or 3 units) and also 1 unit of a Fine Arts (Art, Music Appreciation, Band, etc.)
    Students in a 2-year college prep curriculum
    1 additional unit of vocational training
    * Students graduating in and after 2014 must have one unit in Biology to graduate.
    To be eligible to participate in graduation exercises, seniors must have completed all requirements for a South Carolina high school diploma/certificate and be within one unit of the required twenty-four needed.
    Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all diploma requirements and/or college entrance requirements.