• Tardy Policy
    In order to be admitted to any class once school had begun at 8:00 A.M., a student must report to attendance to receive a timed pass. Failure to sign in at the attendance office is an "In School Suspension" offense.
    Excused Tardies Include:
    Bus Tardies Or Tardies With Medical Notes.
    All other tardies will be considered unexcused.  Parent notes are not excused.
    Tardy Policy To School Or Class Tardy Per Semester:
    Fourth Tardy
    30 minute after school detention
    Fifth Tardy
    1 hour after school detention
    Sixth Tardy
    1 day of ISS
    Seventh Tardy
    2 days of ISS
    Eighth Tardy
    3 days of ISS
    Ninth Tardy
    4 days of ISS
    Tenth Tardy
    5 days of ISS
    Eleventh Tardy
    OSS  **Parent conference is essential before the student may  return to school.
    Early Dismissal Procedure

    Students are permitted to leave school before regular dismissal time only at the written request of a parent or guardian.  The parent note should include date, reason, time of dismissal, and phone numbers.  The parent will be contacted before the student is allowed to leave campus.