• Hello Guests! Welcome to Amie Wright's Classroom! 
     Ms. Davis


    Welcome to my website! I am very excited about teaching 8th grade English during this 2020/2021 school year!  I am orginally from Michigan and graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in creative writing.  I also earned a master's degree in teaching from Clemson University.  I have been teaching middle school English for fifteen years.  I was also recently married; my new name is Mrs. Wright.  I have two children.  My daughter is in sixth grade at Wren Middle and my son is in kindergarden at Wren Elementary.  I have worked at Wren for thirteen out of my fifteen years in education.
    My website contains a general overview about my classes as well as access to the class syllabus, stems lists, short story links, and my lesson plans.  Students will receive information on homework, quizzes, projects, and test dates every Monday.  This information will be written on the board, and I will encourage students to write down important dates in either a paper agenda or in an app.  I will go over this schedule in depth on Mondays and make verbal reminders daily.  Please encourage your student to take the time to take this information down in some form.  This year we will be using Google Classroom. Another app that will help your student prepare for class is the Quizlet app. If you are interested in seeing what your student is working on, or if you would like to help your student study, please view your student's accounts in these apps.  Students will be expected to study and read every night in addition to completing any written homework they may have.  Students will have a stem quiz every Thursday, so studying stems for at least 10 minutes each evening will be beneficial.  Students will have reading assignments and expectations throughout the school year, so reading each evening will be imperative.  While I have embedded the use of technology in most things I teach, students will also have access to paper copies.  Checking your students binder and helping them stay organized will be beneficial for success. 
    In addition to teaching students in person, I will also be teaching virtually.  Students who are accessing the class virtually must log on at the times each class period begins as I will be taking attendance daily.  Virtual students will be expected to adhere to the required due dates and turn in their work in a timely manner.  Virtual students will have the option of doing their work digitally or doing their work on paper and submitting an image of the completed work.  More information will be provided as we begin the school year in regards to in person, virtual, and hybrid schedule learners.
    I look forward to being your partner in education.  Please communicate with me as needed should you have a questions or concerns!