• EarlyAct FirstKnight
    An Adventure in Service
    EarlyAct FirstKnight is a revolutionary character and ethics program for K-8 school children developed by Knights of the Guild and individual Clubs of Rotary International. Teaching the Rotary tradition of "service above self" through the visually captivating theme of knightly heroes, EarlyAct FirstKnight supplements Rotarian-led service clubs with a comprehensive character education program featuring spectacular live-action components like real jousting tournaments and periodic knighting ceremonies in which students are recognized for noble deeds.
    At Powdersville Middle School, all students meet for the first ten minutes of the school day with their EarlyAct FirstKnight teacher.  During this time, they use the EAFK curriculum to learn about one of ten character traits.  The students and their teacher explore the character trait through definitions, quotations, historical personalities, literature, and learning about the Rotary organization.
    The culminating activity for each of the ten character traits is the Knight Ceremony.  During this ceremony, a student from each EAFK class is recognized by his or her teacher during an assembly before their peers.  The teacher reads an accolade that extolls the student's character and encourages them to continue to exemplify the trait.  A member of the Knights of the Guild is always present to award the student with a medal.  6th-grade students are recognized as pages, 7th-grade students as squires, and 8th-grade students as knights.
    The EarlyAct FirstNight program at Powdersville Middle School is sponsored by the Greenville Reedy River Rotary Club. This unique community service organization provides the curriculum resources, monetary support, and manpower to keep the EAFK program a vital part of education in the Powdersville Middle School community.
    For more information about EAFK, check out www.eafk.org.