• Traffic Circle Reminders

     - Students not riding a bus home are expected to be picked up in a timely manner. Dismissal is at 3:25 p.m. Please have your assigned car number visible. For safety concerns, all car riders are to be picked up in the car circle area off of Roe Road entrance. Students should never cross traffic lanes or the parking lot. Adult supervision is provided daily until 4:00 p.m. We do realize that, on occasion, parents may be delayed due to heavy traffic, car trouble, or some other unforeseen circumstance. However, this situation should be the exception and not the rule. Middle school student are not permitted to walk over to the elementary school at dismissal. In the afternoon, parents/guardians will need to pick up each student separately using Hood Road for the elementary school student and the Roe Road entrance for the middle school student.

    We request that parents/guardians do NOT sign students out of school after 2:45 p.m. unless absolutely necessary.

     - Students arriving to school by car are to be dropped off curbside in the car circle area (Roe Road Entrance) as early as 7:20 a.m. For safety reasons, students should not get out of the car and walk across the parking lot or through the line of cars. Additionally, drop off in the parking lot in front of the school and the bus loop (Hood Rd., Driveway B) is not permitted. Drop-off for parents/guardians with students attending both Powdersville Elementary School and Powdersville Middle School have two choices. Middle school students may be dropped off at Powdersville Elementary and they walk across to the Powdersville Middle School bus entrance or parents may use the Roe road car entrance to drop off their middle schooler..  Drop off in the teacher parking lot (back of school - Driveway A) is not permitted.