• Gift Card Program Overview 

    Powdersville Middle School is happy to offer the opportunity to purchase gift cards as a great way to earn credit for your child’s school field trip and to help Powdersville Middle reach its goals for school improvement! Every gift card you purchase gives you 100% of the purchase value in addition to a designated percentage (80% of profit) towards your child’s trip and a designated percentage (20% of profit) towards the school's improvement goals. This program has paid the entire field trip cost for many of our students and their parents.

    Consistency is the key!  Purchase gift cards weekly at Powdersville Middle School for:

    ·         gas (Ingles and WalMart give discounts on gas if you buy with gift cards!) 

    ·         groceries

    ·         household items

    ·         clothing

    ·         school supplies

    ·         eating out

    ·         movie tickets

    ·         birthday, wedding, and shower gifts

    ·         home improvement needs

    ·         appliances

    ·         Christmas gifts

    ·         online items, apps, and music

    The opportunities are endless!  Remember, every gift card you purchase gives you 100% of the value.  Encourage friends and family to order, too!

    ·      Order online 24/7 at www.scripzone.com and have gift cards sent home with your child or you may pick-up directly from the office. Orders placed by TUESDAY morning will be ready by Thursday afternoon. To sign up as a new user, you will need to join this group:  864269PMS

    ·       Some gift cards are kept in inventory at school and available. These are first-come first-serve.

    For additional information, contact Lynda Rigsby at pvmsgiftcards@gmail.com