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    Welcome to Palmetto Middle School
    2020 - 2021
    Message from the Administration
    Dear Student and Parents,


              We welcome you to your school – Palmetto’s Finest” middle school – definitely a “School to Watch”!  Here at Palmetto Middle School the administration, faculty, and staff are excited about this year.  Students will be offered many challenging and stimulating opportunities.  How you benefit from these opportunities will mostly depend on you.  We encourage you to get involved in every part of the school program because the more involved you become, the greater your rewards and enjoyment will be.  We want your time here to be rich, satisfying, and productive and we will do all we can to make that happen!


    Most of the students will be assigned to a team of teachers who will be responsible for teaching the core academic subjects.  Your team of teachers will have a common planning time for conferring with you or your parents and for planning the best instructional opportunities for you.  You will also benefit from a variety of exploratory courses in the arts, technology, etc. 


    Teachers will have decision-making power, flexibility, and creativity in planning their team’s program.  Each team is independent, thus providing exposure to new and exciting ideas in a variety of environments with different instructional strategies.  Our goal is your academic success and preparation for high school and the world beyond.  Palmetto Middle continues to build on a tradition of achievement and we are proud that you will be a part of making 2020 - 2021 your school’s best year ever.


    Remember, Mustangs, together ”Forward We Will Go".



    With best wishes for your success,


    Jason McCauley, Principal

    Nathan Croston, Assistant Principal

                                                                                                     Matthew Crawford, Assistant Principal