• media center

    Our Mission

    The mission of the media center is to enhance student knowledge and promote lifelong learning.  To accomplish this mission, the library media specialist collaborates with educators, teaches technology and research skills, and provides relevant reading material/media for pleasure and educational purposes.

    Hours of Operation

    7:30 AM- 3 PM Monday- Friday

    Checkout Policy

    K4-1st grade students are able to checkout one book at a time. 2nd grade students are able to checkout two books at a time. 3rd-5th grade students are able to checkout three books at a time.

    Students will not be able to check out new materials without returning past due materials. If an item is lost or damaged beyond repair, students are required to pay for the cost of the book. However, exceptions can be made to allow students to work off fines in the library.

    Selection of Materials

    All materials purchased for the Media Center will be evaluated on the following criteria: appropriateness for intended audience, age and relevance of the material, user request, importance to the field of knowledge, and support of the curriculum.

    The materials will be chosen by evaluating professional reviews, awards lists, bestseller lists, current book trends, and other resources.

    Maintenance of Collection

    The Media Center collection will be evaluated on an ongoing basis to keep the collection relevant to the needs and interests of the users. This includes print, electronic, and all other resources. Weeding will be undertaken throughout the year by the Media Specialist. Materials will be evaluated on age and relevance, condition, and relevance to the curriculum. Items pulled will be discarded according to district procedure.


    All donations are reviewed according the collection development policy.  The use and disposal of materials is up to the discretion of the media specialist.

    Challenge to Material Policy

    West Pelzer Elementary School follows the American Library Association in promoting intellectual freedom for all its users.

    If a student, parent, or teacher believes a book is inappropriate for the media center, they should contact the media specialist. The media specialist will search for book reviews to determine appropriate age level of readers. If the book is deemed appropriate for elementary school users, a committee will be formed to determine if the book is to remain on the library shelves.


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