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  • My name is Sarah Durham. This is my fourth year teaching at Powdersville Elementary School. I got my start as a teacher when I was 13 as the assistant Sunday school teacher at my local church. Since then, I have worked at a daycare teaching a mixed age class of 2 years and older. I have also volunteered at my church's summer camp, Camp Agape, for the past 14 years. There, I've worked with kids ranging from 5 to 18 in many different roles.

    I'm a two time graduate of Tri-County Technical College with Associate degrees in Accounting and Early Childhood Development. While at Tri-County Technical College, I had the opportunity to participate in observational labs at multiple locations. I also had the pleasure of student teaching in a Kindergarten class at Six Mile Elementary over the course of my last 2 semesters. Overall, I have been working with and teaching kids for 16 years now in one way or another. I wouldn't change a second of the time I have spent working with those children, and I can't wait to have the opportunity to work with yours.

    Over the course of the school year, I hope to take your kids on a journey through the world of technology. There are constantly more new and exciting things entering the world of technology. It is my job to help prepare your kids to enter that world with at least a basic understanding of how to navigate their way through all that technology in a safe and positive way. I hope to create fun and exciting opportunities for your child to learn about technology through a collaborative and engaging learning environment.

    I will also head our school Robotics Club this year. In the club, we will explore Vex IQ robots. We teach students all about how to design and build their robot, navigate the play field with certain obstacles, and how to code their robot to navigate the field autonomously. We are so excited to be able to offer the robotics club once again after taking a 2 year pause due to COVID. If your child is in 5th grade and interested in robotics, be on the lookout for an application coming home in the coming days. Our goal is to be able to bring students to at least 1-2 competitions this season, but we will offer in club competitions against each other regardless. 




    Digital Citizenship - leaving a positive digital footprint

    Typing Club

    Google Suite (Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.)  

    Hour of Code 

    Vex IQ Robotics(5th) & Vex VR(3rd-5th)


    Parts of a Computer

    Brief History of Computers