• Hola mis nuevos amigos! My name is Mrs. Margherita Haldenwang and this is my 14 year teaching Modern Languages. I am originally from New York where I taught for 12 years Italian, Spanish and ESL in the public and private school setting levels I to AP. I also taught at Nassau Community College in New York teaching Italians to professionals. I hold a Mastery Degree from SUNY Stony Brook in Teaching Modern Languages. My teaching philosophy surrounds a more student centered approach in instruction and the ability to facilitate a Comprehensible Input method in instruction. Students will have the opportunity to hear Spanish throughout the full length of class engaging in conversations, watching videos, shows and movies in Spanish. Students will have the opportunity to use the material in completing a variety of different types of assignments that will include real life applications and usage of the language. Students will focus on all four language skills while focusing on the ACTFL standards in Language Acquisition. Throughout the semester, students will have the opportunity to explore the language and culture and be able to create using the language to help in advancing their proficiency. Come and join the fun of learning and developing the beautiful language of Spanish. 

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