The administration will make the final judgment on the appropriateness of a student’s clothing, appearance and/or display of symbols, messages or statements on school grounds and reserves the right to prohibit students from wearing any articles of clothing or other items or displaying any symbols, messages or statements which lead to or may foreseeably result in the disruption of or interference with the school environment.


    Clothing articles or other displays should not be so extreme or inappropriate to the school setting as to disrupt the educational process. Therefore, any items deemed distracting, revealing, overly suggestive or otherwise disruptive will not be permitted. Wearing items that could pose a safety threat to one’s self or others is not allowed.


    1. Students are encouraged to practice cleanliness and neatness at all times.

    2. Attire that is unusual and/or distracts from the learning environment.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:  trench coats, sagging, baggy pants, hanging belts and hanging chains, pants with holes above fingertips with arms down at sides, shorts with underwear protruding or shorter than fingertip length when arms are relaxed, shorts over sweatpants, pants that do not fit around the waist appropriately and will not stay up without the aid of a belt, rope or suspenders. 

    3. Clothing, articles or other items which display advertisements for, or messages or pictures depicting or suggesting, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, weapons, or sex are prohibited.

    4. Clothing, articles, or other items which display symbols, messages or statements which would distract others, interfere with the instructional programs, or otherwise cause disruption, are prohibited, including racially divisive symbols, messages, or statements, including the Confederate flag, Malcolm X, etc. 

    5. Shorts and skirts may be worn, but the length of the shorts/skirts must be at least the length of the students’ fingertips and be worn at the waist.  Shorts and skirts should not be tightly fitted and must be worn where no skin or undergarment is exposed at the midriff, waist, or hips. 

    6. Tights, “Yoga” pants, and/or leggings may be worn but students must wear a top that is fingertip length to ensure proper coverage.

    7. Spaghetti strap tank tops, sleeveless shirts not fitting snugly under the arms, vests without shirts, halter tops, net shirts, mesh clothing, crop tops, and cut-off shorts are not to be worn.  The midriff, waist area, and/or cleavage should not be exposed. Shoulder straps should be at least three (3) finger widths wide. 

    8. Pajama tops and/or bandannas are not appropriate.  Lounge pants are not to be worn. Blankets are not coats.  Do not bring them to school.  

    9. Hats, caps, sunglasses, and/or bandannas are not allowed in the building and will be confiscated if they are seen outside the book bag.  They are to be kept in a locker.  They should not be carried in the hall between classes.  Confiscated items will be returned to parent.  

    10. Any “revealing” or “suggestive” attire.

    11. Hoods/hoodies are not to be worn on the head inside any school building.

    12. When students represent the school as members of a group, they must conform to the prescribed dress required by the sponsor(s) of the activity.

    13. Items of jewelry or clothing that pose a concern for health and safety or are considered to be a distraction within the school environment (this includes but is not limited to: spiked bracelets, wallet chains, fish hooks on hats)