•                                                                     Kelley Golden

    Hello. I am Kelley Golden, and this is my third year at Powdersville Middle. Some of you may know me as I was at Powdersville Elementary School for the last 13 years and may have taught your children. I am one of the ELA teachers for 6th grade. My main goal for this year is for us all to stay healthy and to create an environment where your child feels safe, secure, and loved. Middle school is a great place to be, but it also has many elements to it that are very different from elementary school. The child you drop off in sixth grade will not be the same child you pick up at the end of eighth grade. I aim to make this transition as easy as possible, while at the same time creating in your child a love for the middle school years.

    My second goal is to create in your child a love for reading! If your child is already a reader, I hope to expand their reading horizons and deepen their love of it. We will discuss lots of books, I will introduce lots of books to each class in hopes that they will spark interest in your child and they will read more-not required reading, but reading for the joy of it.  

    This year, no doubt, will be different. Let's all work together to make it the best we can. 

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