Daily Schedule:  Tune into the Webex Each Day at the Time of Your Class


    Homeroom   8:05-8:20

    Activity 1     8:25-9:11

    Activity 2     9:14-9:59

    1st Block     10:02-11:10

    2nd Block    11:13-12:21

    Lunch 1       12:24-12:44

    Recess 1      12:44-1:04

    3rd Block     1:07-2:14

    4th Block      2:17-3:25

This is where my Virtual Classroom is housed. This year, I will teach you live, and the lesson will also be cataloged so that you can work through them, catch up, and redo any work that you have not mastered! Click on the Welcome App to see my Introduction Video and learn more about me!