• PVMS Testing Schedule 2019

    May 20 - ELA Day 1
    May 21 - ELA Day 2
    May 22 - Math
    May 23 - Science (6, 8)/Social Studies (7)
    May 24-June 6 - Make-up testing

    8th Grade Honors Students:
    May 16 - ENG 1 EOC TDA
    May 17 - ENG 1 EOC
    May 28 - ALG 1 EOC

    Parents/Guardians: It is imperative that your student attends school on his/her designated test days. Please avoid scheduling appointments on days your student is scheduled to test. If for some reason your student must be absent on one or more of their designated test days, know that your student will be expected to make that test up before the last day of school. Please contact your student's designated school counselor ahead of time if you already know your student will be absent one of these days and the absence is unavailable.

    Last Names A-K: Ansley Merritt - merritta@apps.anderson1.org 
    Last Names L-Z: Anna Padgett - padgetta@apps.anderson1.org