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    Welcome and Welcome Back!!
    We are excited to be starting a new year and hope you are ready to jump in.  Last year had many successes capped off with the Hurricane Navy being named a Distinguished Unit with Academic Honors!
    Our objective this year is to continue to build on the achievements of last year.  All of our teams improved significantly, with notable gains for the Rifle, Orienteering, and Academic teams.  Our academic team garnered many awards and distinctions, and finished in the top two percent of all teams on the National Academic Exam.
    The only way we can continue to excel is with you
    -You the returning cadets who provide the example and leadership to the incoming class.
    -You the first year cadets who look for ways to get involved in the many aspects of our unit, and provide  the New life and vision to move us forward.
    -You the parents, who support and encourage your cadet as they seek to undertake new and challenging endeavors.  Also, in looking for ways to help the unit achieve, we can't do all the things we do without strong parent support.
    -You the family and friends who support and show up to the events your cadets are involved in to cheer them on and recognize their hard earned accomplishments.
    I will make every effort to keep my calendar and events page up to date with all available information for upcoming events.  You will find a link to upcoming events and the calendar in the navigation bar on the lf left. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
    We, Commander Borden, the Cadet Staff and I are excited to see what will unfold because of You in the coming year.