• Mrs. Mahaffey Welcome to Mrs. Mahaffey's 8th Grade Pre-algebra class!!! 2022-2023.  
    This is my 10th year at Wren Middle and I absolutely love it! I am married and have four children that have attended or are still attending Anderson 1 schools! Outside of school, I enjoy attending church, family time, and raising my German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers at home! I cannot wait to meet my classes and instill the love for math in them that I have!
    Everything has a "Purpose"!! Together we will live out our purpose in math and "ELEVATE" during this school year!! 
    If you are interested in helping out in the classroom, here is a way you can help:

    Google Classroom code to join according to your allotted academic block.

    1st Academic Block (3-4)  4t44jna

    2nd Academic Block (5-6) zuogb5n

    3rd Academic Block (7-8) nycatku

    4th Academic Block (9-10) ct7ehtc

    Phone: 850-5930