Lesson Title - My Online Community
                   Essential Question: How does the Internet connect you to others?
                   Lesson Overview: Students explore the concept that people can connect with one another through the
                                                      Internet.  They understand how the ability for people to communicate online can
                                                      unite a community.

                                        Lesson Plan
                                        Teacher Resource - Video  "What is the Internet?"
                                        Student Resource - Online Community Map Student Handout
     Lesson Title - My Creative Work
                   Essential Question: How can you give credit to your own creative work?
                   Lesson Overview: Students learn the basics - title, name, and date - for crediting creative work.  In doing
                                                      so, they discuss the importance of citing work, as well as recognizing that they should
                                                      give themselves proper credit so that others can attribute their work when they use it.

                                        Lesson Plan
                                        Student Resource - Time Capsule Self-Portrait Student Handout
     Lesson Title - Screen Out the Mean
                   Essential Question: What can you do when someone is mean to you online?
                   Lesson Overview: Students learn that children sometimes can act like bullies when they are online.  They
                                                      explore what cyberbullying means and what they can do when they encounter it.

                                        Lesson Plan
                                        Student Resource - STOP Cyberbullying Student Handout
     Lesson Title - Show Respect Online
                   Essential Question: How can I make sure my emails are clear and respectful?
                   Lesson Overview: Students explore the similarities and differences between in-person and online
                                                      communications, and then learn how to write clear and respectful emails.

                                        Lesson Plan
                                        Teacher Resource - Video "Mindful Messaging"
                                        Student Resource - Email Edit Student Handout