• GoalPOST: Goal-oriented Performance in Out-of-School Time A Before- and After-School Program serving Anderson Districts 1 and 4 students at selected schools


    GoalPOST is developed in partnership with Anderson School District #1 and Clemson University and was funded by a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. Program goals include:

    • Academic Achievement: Regular attendees will maintain acceptable math performance or improve unacceptable math performance from the 1st to the 4th grading period.

    • Academic Achievement: Regular attendees will maintain acceptable Reading/ELA performance or improve unacceptable Reading/ELA performance from the 1st to the 4th grading period.

    • Fitness Development: Regular attendees will improve on at least 2 of 6 measures of fitness as assessed by the Fitnessgram.

    • Behavior: Regular attendees will maintain appropriate classroom and program behavior and/or decrease incidents of inappropriate classroom behavior.

    • Attendance: Regular attendees will maintain acceptable attendance or improve unacceptable daily classroom attendance and will have at least 80% attendance in the GoalPOST program.

    • Family Literacy: Families of regular attendees will participate in activities designed to improve parental involvement and promote family literacy. 


    Homework and Tutoring: Every effort will be made to help your child complete his/her homework during the designated homework time. Students who do not have homework are expected to read, study, or work on other academic activities during this time. Younger students will be given the opportunity to read or be read to, practice basic skills, or engage in other age-appropriate activities. Final responsibility for homework completion and correctness lies with each student’s parents. Homework answers are not provided.


    Site-Coordinator:  Suzanne Tripp