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    My family

    Position: Computer Lab Manager
    Grade: K-5 Through 5th Grade
    Room: 303                                                                                                                    
    Email: riddles3@apps.anderson1.org
    Phone: (864) 847-3500
    Fax: (864) 847-3502
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     Hola! My name is Sornaryibe (Ni) Riddle, and this is my fourth year at CGE. I feel blessed to be part of this wonderful family. I am from Venezuela; South America and I've been in South Carolina for more than 18 years. I have been married to my best friend, Daniel (18 years and counting) and we have three beautiful daughters. I love my family, missions, cooking, camping, traveling, reading, computers, dancing and gardening. 
    My mission is to provide my students with the approciated knowledge and skills in Computer Lab by learning through fun activities, also I want to introduce students to the countries and cultures that speak Spanish to encorage an understanging and appreciation of others. I want to create a meaninful environment that fosters them to learn by doing, thiking, discussing, reflecting on what they do. But Mainly I want my class to be exciting, full of fun and happiness and I want my students to Love Technology, Spanish and enjoy the class. 
    For one 50 minute session per week Kindergarten to 5th grade students learn and develop the following objectives:
    • Intrdoduce basic computer skills through Internet programs
    • Develop an appreciation of and excitement for computer usage
    • Exposure to Spanish Learning through different resources which helps children to perform better academically, boost their brain, connect them to their heritage and it is fun!
    • Keyboarding through Typing Club
    • Google docs
    • Digital Citizenship

    We are going to have an exciting year in the Computer Lab classroom this year!