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    Welcome to Ms. Richard's Classrooms

     Julie Richard and Jade Richard at Youth Art Exhibit

    The best way to contact me is by email: Richardj@apps.anderson1.org
    Phone: (864) 269-1821
    I believe that: Creativity should be valued and nurtured, fun and hard work go hand in hand, and that everyone can succeed!

    In Art we will focus on the elements and principles of design incorporating them into projects that will expand on prior knowledge from the elementary years of art. This year we will be building art vocabulary, the ability to critique with confidence, and expressing one's own opinion about and through art as well as creating our own unique pieces of art. We will explore contemporary artists as well as some of the masters to develope our own artists mindset.. All lessons are aligned with the SC art standards.                                                                         
    In Drama we explore self expression through a variety of theatre games and assignments that will build acting skills, the ability to focus, work with other members of the class, and self confidence. There will be a variety of opportunities for performance and viewing other school's and professional performances. Participation in drama class will prepare students to be more confident in their other classes as well as auditioning for plays.
    In Theatre 1 & Advanced Theatre at PVHS Students will study the art of Theatre through games, readings, projects, and performance. Students will have opportunities to create authentic work as well as work with professionally created scripts. Areas of concentrated study will be determined by student interest but may include such topics as: pantomime, improvisation, monologues, scene acting, creation of personal monologues, lighting and sound design, costume and set design etc... The classes will culminate with a presentation of skills developed in class. This is our fourth year and we keep growing.
    About Me:
    My name is Julie Richard and this is my 7th year in Anderson District One as a teacher! I have the best students and very supportive administrators.
    I earned my BFA in Theatre Education from The University of Arizona, with an emphasis area of directing and additional emphasis in arts integration. I earned my masters from McNeese University in Education with a major area of theatre and a minor emphasis in art. While pursuing my education  I was able to study under amazing teachers in all of my fields of interest so it just felt right to want to share their knowledge with others and become a teacher.
    I am married with four children and I am a grandmother! Three of my children attended Anderson One schools and now I am down to only one. My oldest daughter, Elexa, attends college in California and is studying Early Childhood Education, my youngest daughter Jade has just started her junior year at Clemson and is exploring Dentistry, and my youngest child, Carson, is starting his sophmore year at Powdersville High School.  We also have one very large black cat who's favorite activity is stalking people around the house!
    I am looking forward to a great year getting to know all of my new students and  building closer relationships with my returning ones :)