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    Mrs. Sargent

    Courses: Spanish 2, and Spanish 3
    Email: sargentm@apps.anderson1.org
    Phone: 864-312-5641
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    I currently hold a Master of Arts degree in Education with a concentration in Spanish from Furman University. My undergraduate degree was in Spanish, also from Furman University. I have been teaching Spanish since 1991 and teaching at Powdersville High School since 2012 (the BEST high school ever).

    My formal education only tells part of the story. While I am from the United States and English is my first language, a combination of many interesting experiences led me to learn Spanish and choose to become a Spanish teacher. My interest began in high school with Spanish 1 in the 9th grade. As many students can testify, 9th grade can be an adjustment from middle school. I was thrilled to finally be in a class for which I had to study. Twenty percent of the student body at my high school spoke Spanish; so I was afforded the wonderful opportunity to learn about the culture from those who lived it and to put into practice what I was learning in the classroom.

    My roommate my final two years of high school was from Cancun, Mexico and we spent a lot of time together speaking Spanish. I spent time after graduation visiting with her family and then returned home for the "character building" summer job of working in the peach sheds of Gaffney. Again, I found many opportunities to listen to and speak Spanish.

    I entered Furman University that fall determined to learn Spanish and become fluent. I sought out and befriended Spanish speakers to continue supplementing my learning and I spent a semester on foreign study in Madrid, Spain.

    Since finishing my degree, I have had additional opportunities to travel and experience the language and culture as I chaperoned youth mission trips to the Dominican Republic, led a family tour of Andalucia, Spain, led a PVHS student tour of Costa Rica, and most recently planned a tour and traveled with my father to Barcelona, Spain.
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