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    Welcome Student Scientists! The Discoveries that Fuel Our Future Can Start with You!
    This year, I teach Honors Biology, and CP Biology.
    I joined Wren High School science department in 2003. I also have 5 years experience teaching at the College level, with more than 18 years of teaching experience in science, after graduate school. My experience outside the classroom includes presenting and conducting many workshops and presentations on Literacy in the Content Area, Teacher Development in Teaching Science, as well as Cooperative Learning, and Scientific Methodology. I have successfully completed a consulting program with the South Carolina Center of Excellence for Adolescent Literacy and Learning as a Consultant/Member of the Leadership Team. I also volunteer in the community.
    BS. Chemistry, Furman University
    MS. Analytical Chemistry, Clemson University
    Ph.D. Organometallic Chemistry, Clemson University
    I grew up in Columbia, SC, and I have a son, Christopher.
    The "Wren Champions of Water Quality" project was awarded a $2000 grant from SC DHEC last year, to promote community awareness of water quality and water quality issues, and to promote laboratory involvement for science students who will gain experience conducting experiments on water quality. As part of the Grant Award, a television commercial was produced and aired in several areas in South Carolina. To see the video, click on the Champions Video Link on the left side of the page.
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