• Hello Wren High School Students and Parents!
    Welcome to Lisa Wilson's Classroom!


    Spanish III Honors 
    Tutoring Schedule:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:20-4:20
       Monday:  room 307 (Lee) 
       Tuesday:  room 312 (Simmons)
       Thursday:  room 309 (Wilson) 
    Phone: (864) 850-5900 

    Fax: (864)850-5929


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    ¡Hola! ¡Bievenidos! Welcome to my website! I am an Administrative Assistant and teach Spanish III Honors. In addition, I have extensive experience in education which began in a bi-lingual kindergarten classroom in California over 20 years ago. With all of these varied duties and responsibilities, I find myself to be very busy and involved with the many extracurricular activities at Wren High School.

    Working closely with administration I secure substitute teachers,  handle bus and field trip requests, communicate school business and activities through social media as well as work with students on an individual basis. 

    As the World Language Department Head, I work with the curriculum at all levels. In my classroom I will be using a method called teaching Comprehensible Input (CI). CI originated with Dr. Stephen Krashen who called CI a “Natural Approach to Teaching Languages”. Here is how Wikipedia defines the natural approach:

    …the natural approach is a method of language teaching developed by Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It aims to foster naturalistic language acquisition in a classroom setting, and to this end it emphasizes communication, and places decreased importance on conscious grammar study and explicit correction of student errors. Efforts are also made to make the learning environment as stress-free as possible. In the natural approach, language output is not forced, but allowed to emerge spontaneously after students have attended to large amounts of comprehensible language input…

    In addition to teacher and adviser, I am a wife and mother. My son is a graduate of Wren High School and so I have experienced our high school from a parent’s perspective as well as the teacher’s perspective. I love our school and am proud to be a Hurricane!