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    I S S   RULES


    1.      The teacher’s desk is off limits.  Do not walk behind the teacher’s desk at any time.


    2.      Referrals must be signed and returned to the ISS teacher on the first day of ISS.  Excused absences must be made up on the first day of return.


    3.      Students must bring their books and materials to the ISS room.  All assignments must be completed before leaving ISS.  No ISS assignment can be taken out of ISS without administrative approval. 


    4.      No gum, candy, food, or beverage is allowed in your mouth nor in your  



    5.      Clothing must meet dress code.  Any infractions in dress code will be referred to the administration.


    6.      Do not get out of your seat without permission.  If you have a question, raise your hand.


    7.     No talking, whispering, writing notes/letters, passing notes, etc…Drawing may only be done as part of an assignment.  Since only assignments are allowed in ISS, everything written will be taken by the teacher.


    8.      Lunch is at 11:57 unless stated otherwise.  Every ISS student must eat from the “Hot Bar” only or bring his/her own lunch.  No carbonated drinks are allowed.  Lunch will be brought back and eaten in the ISS room.


    9.      Restroom breaks:  You get ONE in the morning and ONE in the afternoon.  Use them wisely.  The restroom will be checked after each student leaves.
    10.    Proper behavior in the ISS room is expected of every student.  IMPROPER BEHAVIOR RESULTS IN IMMEDIATE OSS. ISS time must be made up when you are readmitted to school.
    11.    It is understood that the administration may alter the consequences for listed and non-listed   offenses based on the severity and circumstance of the incident.


    1S                 1st  OFFENSE:   15 MINUTE AFTER-SCHOOL-DETENTION


    2N                  2nd  OFFENSE:    30 MINUTE AFTER-SCHOOL-DETENTION


    3RD               3rd  OFFENSE:    60 MINUTE AFTER-SCHOOL-DETENTION
    DE            Depending on the severity of the offense, an office referral may be given rather than a detention.