• Student responsibilities:

    1. Students are responsible for their workstation's neatness.


    2. Students are not allowed to make changes in computer settings.

    3. Students are not allowed to access any program or go on the internet unless it is directly related to their Edgenuity work.

       (They may use the dictionary, calculator, and access websites that have information directly related to their coursework.)

    4. Students may not access the internet during a test. They are allowed to use their notes on a test.

    5. Students should log off their computers at the dismissal bell or when announcements begin at end of the period.
        (Last class of the day may shut down computers; please shutdown any other computers not being used at the end of the day.)

    6. Students must remain at their workstations until the dismissal bell rings and should push in their chairs when they leave.

    7.  Students may print their notes if the wish.