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    Weight Room Rules
    * The number one concern in the weight room is SAFETY.
    * Enter the weight room mentally and physically ready to work.
    * Proper Attire must be worn while Lifting.
    * There is absolutely no horseplay allowed in the weight room.
    * Return all weights to their proper storage area after use.
    * Be aware of other lifters whom you are around.
    * Always use common sense. If you see potential danger, please report it.
    * Always wear a weight belt in all core lifts or when lower back is stressed.
    * Breathe in and out on each repetition.
    * Never bounce, Jerk the weight, or arch your back while lifting.
    * Only use the amount of weight you are prepared to lift properly.
    * Never attempt "one shot lifts" you have not trained for.
    Free weights
    * Use collars on all Olympic bars.
    * Do not drop or throw weights on the floor.
    * Unload bars (evenly) when you are finished with them.
    * Use a spotter with core and overhead lifts.
    * Never get under the bar without a spotter.
    * When two or more weights equal one weight, change to that higher plate.
    * Spotters must always have their full attention on the lifter.
    * Be in the ready position to help or free the lifter at any time.
    * Do not allow the bar to tilt as the lifter performs the exercise.
    * Use an over/under grip when spotting the bench press.
    * Help guide the bar on and off the rack.
    Weight room etiquette
    * No sitting allowed (except while performing certain lifts).
    * Always be ready to help and encourage anyone who may need help.
    * Socializing should be done outside the weight room.
    * You must get permission before leaving the wt. room for any reason.
    * No food or drink is allowed in the weight room.