• Wren High School Attendance Policies
    Lawful and Unlawful Absences


    To maintain full-time status at Wren High School or the Career and Technology Center, students must be enrolled and attend school regularly.  If students fail to attend regularly the minimum of classes, they will be removed from active student status and dropped from the rolls.



    1. Illness, followed by a doctor’s statement including the scheduled appointment time and signature.
    2. Illness or Death in the family.   The principal may require evidence in addition to the parent statement.  This statement must be presented within 3 days following the student’s return to school.
    3. School Function or activities which are school related.
    4. Religious Holidays.  The principal may require evidence in addition to a statement from parent/guardian.



    1.  Students who are willfully absent from school without knowledge of their parents.

    2.  Students who are absent from school without acceptable cause with the knowledge of their parents.

    3.  Students who are absent from school due to suspensions.

    4.  Absences for which a student fails to furnish a valid excuse.  This could include absences for medical reasons if not   accompanied by a doctor’s statement.  It could also include absences for religious holidays unless adequately documented.  If an excuse is not returned within the proper time frame, the absence becomes unexcused.

    5.  A student will become Truant after five (5) unexcused days.  At this time, a meeting with the administrator,

               parent and student, will be held to discuss an Attendance Intervention Plan.



    If a student has more than 6 unexcused absences in a year long course (12) for Freshman Academy courses, or if a student has more than 3 unexcused absences from  a semester course, the student will not receive credit for that course and will receive a grade of 61(FA).