Tips for 9th Graders
    " To succeed, we must first believe that we can."  Michael Korda
    1. Be prepared and organized.
    2. Manage your time well.
    3. Complete assignments.
    4. Be in school, on time, everyday.
    5. Use your time wisely.
    6. Participate in class.
    7. Show respect to yourself, classmates, and teachers.
    8. Take good notes.
    9. Study even when you do not have a test.
    10. Know your learning style.
    11. Study smart.
    12. Read for pleasure as well as assignments.
    13. Don't throw in the towel when it gets hard.
    14. Get to know your teachers.
    15. Meet new people.
    16. Make positive memories.
    17. Make it the best year yet.
    18. Use the school agenda. It contains rules and serves as a way to stay organized.
    19. Get plenty of rest each night.
    20. Don't hesitate to talk with a teacher, counselor, or administrator to work through difficult situations.
    21. Take school seriously.
    22. Prepare for your future.
    23. Always do your best.
    Tips for 9th Grade Parents
    1. Be interested in what is going on at school.
    2. Discuss daily school activities with your child.
    3. Offer to help as needed. Allow them to make some mistakes.
    4. Listen.
    5. Encourage involvement in and out of class.
    6. Monitor activities and jobs. (Especially when associated with the computer).
    7. Be careful with unrealistic expectations.
    8. Be aware what is going on with your child.
    9. Be alert for signs that "don't seem like your child is himself."
    10. Communicate with the school to show concern and interest.
    11. Make sure contact information is always current.
    12. Make school aware of concerns or issues.
    13. Emphasize the importance of education.
    parts adapted from How to Get Good Grades in Ten Easy Steps, Woodburn Press
    Quotes from upperclassmen about 9th grade:
    *The teachers really care and will do all they can to help you."
    "After school tutoring saved me."
    "Make new friends."
    “I wish that I knew high school was going to require a lot of studying and taking notes. I also wish I knew that high school was going to require a lot of reading and paying attention.”

    “Last year at this time, I would have liked to have known that upperclassmen don’t really try to beat you up or shove you in trash cans.”

    “I wish I had known I was going to have to get in the habit of reading.”

    “I wish I had known not to be so nervous.”

    “Really, it’s not that hard if you behave, give your best effort, and are not absent too much.”

    “The teachers are harder because you are almost grown women and men and you need to take charge of your life.”

    “You have to study to pass.”