• The PSAT is OPTIONAL for students in Grade 9.   It is GOOD practice for the SAT, however, the PSAT includes material that you have not covered yet in your academic classes. It is important that you do not get discouraged if you decide to take the PSAT.  Each school year will prepare you further for the PSAT, and you WILL take it your sophomore year. In other words, we want you to practice, but we don’t want you to get discouraged. You know how you will handle this best, so you need to discuss this with your parents. Remember, this is OPTIONAL. Tech prep students will want to factor in that technical colleges DO NOT require SAT/ACT scores for admission, so the PSAT is not practical in the ninth grade. 

    What is the PSAT? A timed, standardized test that measures verbal reasoning, critical reading, math problem-solving, and writing skills; it is very similar to the SAT, and is a good predictor of how you will score when you take the SAT your junior year of high school

    Is the test timed? Yes! 

    Why should I take the PSAT? It is good practice for the SAT since their format and scoring is so similar

    Will colleges see my scores? PSAT scores are not reported to colleges unless you request that we send them; PSAT scores are not required by colleges, it is simply for a predictor for you to know what to practice when it is time to take the SAT; scores are only reported to you, Wren High School, possibly the district office, and the National Merit Scholarship committee. The National Merit Scholarship Committee will not use your scores, because only juniors can qualify for this. Your test scores will be returned to you in January.

    When, where, and how much does it cost? The test will be given at school on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 at 8:00 a.m. You will be excused from class if you sign up for the test, however, you must make up the work you miss. There is no make-up testing. The test cost $17.00, and you must register in the main office by September 13, 2019. You may pay your money online via parent portal or in the main office before school, after school, and during lunch only. No late payments will be accepted!

    How can I find out more information? Stop by the main office for a PSAT Student Bulletin that includes a practice test that will be  given to you when you pay for the test. You will also want to visit www.collegeboard.org for complete testing information.