• Class Rules


                                                                Class Rules

    1.      Treat others with kindness and respect.

    2.      Be prepared to participate in class.

    3.      Keep hands and belongings to yourself.

    4.      Do not disturb the class with unnecessary talking or disruptions.

    5.      Raise your hand if you wish to speak or to get out of your seat.

    6.      No eating or drinking unless special permission is given. (Chewing gum and bottled water are allowed as long as they don’t become a disruption.)



    1.      First Offense = Verbal Warning and refocus

    2.      Second Offense = Contact Parent and CAT5

    *Serious infractions will result in an immediate office referral.


                Students will also be rewarded for good behavior! Throughout the week, “supertickets” will be given to students who are demonstrating outstanding behavior.  If a student receives a ticket, it is his/her responsibility to write his/her name on it and to hold onto it.  Once a student has collected 10 tickets, he/she can turn it in for a soda, sports drink, or candy bar.