• Cell Phone Policy
    Students must have their cell phone, and cell phone-like devices (i.e. Apple Watch), turned off during school hours. Any student found to be texting, calling, or using their phone/device without the teacher’s or administrator’s permission will result in the phone/device being taken from the student and stored in the main office. The student’s parent must pick up the phone/device. Please note that phones in the main office are available for students who need to make or receive a phone call. If a student isn’t feeling well, the student is to see the school nurse who will assess the student and contact the student’s parent/guardian as necessary.

    First Offense – The student receives a verbal warning and the parent has to pick up the phone.
    Second Offense – The student receives a one-hour after school detention. The parent has to pick up the phone.
    Third Offense – The student is assigned one day of ISS. The parent picks up the phone