• Units of Study

    We study different units throughout the year. While studying these units, your child will use many different skills and resources. The students will be going deeper into the state mandated standards by being exposed to higher order thinking skills, teamwork, logic puzzles, research, and problem-solving. Our goal is for LAUNCH to be challenging and fun while diving deeper into state standards or accelerating curriculum beyond the current grade.  


    Project Lead the Way Infection: Detection/ Cells and Living Things 

    Students will explore the transmission of infection, mechanisms the body uses to stay healthy and viral vs. bacterial infections. They will learn about cell parts and processes as well as design and run an experiment related to limiting the spread of germs.There will be a problem based learning component as they participate in a simulation to track down the source of a disease.  If time allows, we will continue with the second part of this study and work to model and simulate with computer coding.


    Treasures from the Attic: Exploring Fractions

    Students will be working in a math program, which is part of the Mentoring Mathematical Minds Series (M3). This is a research based mathematical program that is geared toward gifted students. The focus of the entire unit is on making sense of fractions rather than on learning algorithms to perform computations. It is important for students to think about and picture the relative size of fractions and make estimates based on their mathematical thinking when ordering, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing two or more fractions. 


    Classic Words by Michael Clay Thompson

    Students will be exploring advanced vocabulary words found in classic English and American literature. Michael Clay Thompson spent more than a decade recording the words used in the great classics of English and American literature, as well as the instances of their use. We will study several words each week as a part of our LAUNCH curriculum.