Notes to Non-Permanent Employees:

    Checks are mailed after 5 PM on Wednesday but always prior to pay day. ASD#1 has no control over the arrival of your check. Also, you will need to factor in holidays for which the United States Postal Service is close.  If you have not received your check by Wednesday following pay day, we will assume at that point it has been lost in the mail, and we will to arange a time for you to pick up a re-print of the check that was mailed. If the original check does end up being delivered to you please shred and make sure you do not get it mixed up with any future payments as you will be responsible if you cash or deposit the same check twice. Email Payroll at bishopt@apps.anderson1.org after you have check your mail run on tuesday.
    Non-permanent employees are responsible for keeping their address current at all times and making any changes or request by the due date. The due date is the end of the day on Friday prior to the next Friday's pay date.  (See schedule above for pay dates) 
    You may request that you be put on a "Do Not Mail" list if you have had problems with your mail in the past and want to keep this request in place.  This is not a paycheck by paycheck request and should not be used just for temporary changes in your schedule such as vacations etc. If you request to be on the "Do Not Mail" list you can pick up your check at the front desk at the District Office. 
    You may change your W-4 Forms for Federal and State taxes each and every pay date if you so choose but it must be turned in to payroll by the due date.