• Seesaw

    We will be using Seesaw as an online learning journal. Your child will post work samples and assignments into our class folders, and you will be able to join and see your child's work. At the beginning of the year, you will be provided with a personalized code that will allow you to access your child's work. Use this as an opportunity to stay involved with our class, ask your child questions about what we are learning, and encourage your child on his/her hard work!

    Seesaw will be a method for me to communicate with you online about anything important happening in our class. I will also use Seesaw to post newsletters, weekly homework, Family Fun Menus, and important announcements. 

    Class Dojo

    This year, I will be using Class Dojo as the behavior management system in our class. Your child will earn positive points for good behavior (i.e. being respectful, working hard, treating others kindly, etc.) and will lose points for negative behavior (i.e. being disrespectful, not listening, being off task, etc.). Your child will earn rewards in the Class Dojo Store for positive points. 

    You will receive a personalized code that will allow you to access your child's Class Dojo account. Please check this daily as it will show a representation of your child's behavior for each day. Students will write down their Dojo points in their take-home folders before leaving school, and this will need to be signed by a parent/guardian each night. 

    Class Dojo Point Rewards