• Wanting to enroll your child at Spearman under School Choice option in ASDO?  Please review the School Board policy linked below.  School Choice is only approved on a year-to-year basis.

    School Choice Policy

    If a family moves out of the Spearman attendance zone mid-year (but remains in the ASDO district), the family will be asked to complete a School Choice application at the time of the move when a new address is reported.  There is no guarantee that the child(ren) will be able to continue attending Spearman at the beginning of the next year.

    New Proof of Address (i.e. lease, deed, utility bill) must be provided to the school upon a family's residence changing.

    If a family moves out of the ASDO school district altogether, the child(ren) must be enrolled at the school serving the family's new residence immediately.

    School Locator - Where is my address zoned for?

    School Choice forms are available at the school.