• Family Fun Menu

    This will be sent home at the beginning of each month. The Family Fun Menu is filled with activities to help your family:

    1. Talk to each other. 

    2. Spend time together. 

    3. Have fun together! 

    Each month, you and your child will be encouraged to complete at least 4 items and return the menu at the end of the month. Feel free to take pictures and share the activities that you did together! 


    Research shows that second graders should only be completing a maximum of 20 minutes of homework each night. However, research also shows that students are receiving..... 3x more than that! Un-homework is designed to promote a positive attitude towards school, encourage students to do activities that interest them, and incorporate family time into each day. Each week, students will bring home "un-homework" with 5 activities to choose from. For each activity completed, students will be able to fill out a ticket to add to the Learning Lotto drawing each Friday! The more activities completed means the more opportunities to be picked for a reward from the lotto! 

    See the family letter below for more information. 

    Learning Lotto Parent Letter