• Employees that are new hires this year will receive a paper check this month. These checks have been placed in your boxes here at the DO for you to pick up and distribute in the morning.  


    Please make sure that your employees, that may not have easy access to their district e-mail such as your custodian, receive this information from you directly. 


    Monthly Paid Employees

    (This does not apply to Bus Driver or Nutrition Service Employees who are paid Biweekly or Substitutes)


    If your contract runs August through July you will receive your first check/deposit for the new school year on August 25th.

    If your contract runs July through June you received your first check/deposit for the new school year on July 25th. 

    Contract Days            Contract Paid

    220/240/260 Admin       July - June   

    225 day secretaries        Aug - July

    195-215                          Aug - July

    180-193                          Aug - July


    If you worked at least 152 full time days during the previous school year you received a step increase (experience increase).  If you were already at the top of the salary schedule you will still get a step increase this year because a 25th year was added to all salary schedules. If you worked part-time you may not have received a step increase unless you did not get a step last year. It takes two part-time year to get a step increase.


    Additionally, The Retirement Deduction rate was increased by the State from 8.66% to 9% effective for pay earned after 7/1/17. 


    If you normally receive a district supplement each month please be aware that these drop off of your check each August and pick back up in September after you sign and return the contract for the new school year that will be sent to your through talented.

    The Payroll and Benefits Departments have reviewed both thoroughly and will continue to review monthly. We will make any retroactive changes as needed. 

    It is also your responsibility to notify us immediately of any discrepancies you may find by going to ESS to look at your check stub.  Please be aware that if you do not notify us of any overpayment, once we discover it will still be docked from your pay.  If you are under paid and do not notify us of the discrepancy with in the school year, you will be forfeiting this payment as the district does not cross school year payments. 




     1) Carefully review your pay stub and verify against the salary schedule http://www.anderson1.org/Page/210  

    As a reminder, to access your pay stub go to Employee Self Serve: https://ess.anderson1.org/ 

    If you are having difficulty with ESS the instructions can be found at: http://www.anderson1.org/Page/20892

    Be sure to compare your GROSS PAY (before taxes and deductions)


    If you are suppose to receive a district supplement please be sure to check that this has been added in your September pay check and notify us immediately if it has not. 


    2) Carefully review your Leave Balance. In ESS Click on Personal Actions and and then Leave Balance. To be sure you received your new Annual Leave days for the new school year look under the Current Earned Column.

    Contract Days 180-199 Annual Days Given 12

    Contract Days 200-214 Annual Days Given 13

    Contract Days 215-239 Annual Days Given 14

    Contract Days 240-260 Annual Days Given 15


    If you are new to the district but transferring from another State Entity please be sure these days have been entered under Prior Year Balance split between Accumulative(20% max. 10 days) and Cumulative(80%). 


    3) Carefully review your deductions. Click on Payroll Actions and Deductions Inquiry. If you are new to the district and your hire date is after July 1st your benefits will not be deducted until your September check. If you have any questions about your benefits or the amount of your benefit deductions please contact Rikki Brown, Benefits Administrator. 


    You can also check the deduction amounts at the following two links:

    Life insurance & Dependent Life Spouse


    Medical, Dental, Dental Plus, Vision and SLTD  


    other optional annuity or supplemental policy please contact Rikki Brown, Benefits Administrator.


    The FICA & Medicare combined rates are 7.65%. The 7.65% percent is calculated based on FICA Wage rather than Gross Wage.  FICA Wage is less than Gross Wage by any of the following deductions. (Pre-tax…Health, Dental, Optional Life, Spending Accounts and all associated fees).


    Payroll Deduction Code Details: 

    1) If you have over $50,000 in Optional Life insurance with the State and participate in the pretax benefit , you will have two deduction codes for this. The premium that applies to the first $50,000 is under OPTL/N(non-taxable) and the remaining premium is under OPTL/T(taxable).

    2) The ID Codes for your payroll deduction are as follows:
    State Benefits:
    PRETAX-Pretax feature administration fee
    BCBS/N-Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health (Non-taxable)
    BCBS/T-Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health (Taxable)
    TRIC/T – Tricare Supplement (Taxable)

    TRICAR – Tricare Supplement (Non-taxable)     
    HSA-Health Savings Account
    HSP-Health Savings Plan (Non-taxable)

    HSP-T-Health Savings Plan (Taxable)

    DEN/N-Dental (Non-taxable)
    DEN/T-Dental (Taxable)
    DEN+/N-Dental Plus (Non-taxable)
    DEN+/T-Dental Plus (Taxable)

    EYEMDN-EyeMed Vision (Non-taxable)

    EYEMDT-EyeMed Vison (Taxable)

    OPTL/N-Optional Life (Non-taxable)
    OPTL/T-Optional Life (Taxable)
    DPL/CH-Dependent Life Child
    DPL/SP-Dependent Life Spouse
    SLTD-Supplemental Long Term Disability

    TSUR/N-Tobacco surchage (Nontaxable)

    TSUR/T-Tobacco surcharge (Taxable)

    DF401K-State Deferred Comp 401K Plan
    DF457-State Deferred Comp 457 Plan
    INSTAL-SCRS Installment Payments (Taxable)
    INST2-SCRS Installment Payments (Non-taxable)
    MP/DC-Money Plus Dependent Care Account
    MP/MS-Money Plus Medical Spending Account
    SPEND-Spending Account Admin. Fee

    HSAFEE - Health Savings Account Admin. Fee
    Optional ASD#1 Policies:
    CIGNA - Cigna short term disability, and/or accidental death and dismemberment and/or group critical illness and/or accident insurance and/or short term disability.  

    NWA-National Worksite ADVG (Whole Life and 529 Plan)

    PECP - Physicians Eye Care Plan (Vision Plan) 

    FS529 - Future Scholar (529 plan)
    Optional ASD#1 Annuities:
    AXA-AXA Equitable (Annuity)
    HOMANN-Horace Mann (Annuity)
    HMROTH - Horace Mann (Roth 403b)

    AXAROT - AXA Equitable (Roth 403b)

    EJROTH - Edward Jones (Roth 403b)

    FUNDSC - Edward Jones (Annuity)
    Other Deductions:
    SCU- State Credit Union

    HMAUTO - Horace Mann (Auto Insurance)
    UNITED-United Way
    LEVY- Federal or State Levy on Wages
    BANK- Bankruptcy
    JURY P-Jury Pay