• This is your first check with the changes you made in October at Open Enrollment as well as rate increases due to a change in your age bracket, if applicable. Due to the volume of changes effective for this month, please carefully review all of your payroll deductions on your check stub to verify the changes you selected.  It is your responsibility to notify us as soon as possible of any discrepancies you may find. We have reviewed changes thoroughly but will continue to review monthly. We will make any retroactive changes as needed.   


    To look at your check stub go to  https://ess.anderson1.k12.sc.us and sign in and click on Payroll Actions and then Check Inquiry Once you click on the Check Inquiry menu option you will see a list of your check.  If the check you are looking for is not in the list you may need to adjust the date range at the top. You will need to click anywhere on the line with your check information in order to see the detail.  Then a box will open with your actual pay stub. You can print your pay stub by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner.


    If you have problems with ESS please go to: ESS INSTRUCTIONS 



    Payroll Deduction Code Details: 

       1) You can check the deduction amounts at the following two links:

        Life insurance & Dependent Life Spouse https://www.peba.sc.gov/iresources.html   (Click on "monthly premiums", then "life insurance")

        Medical, Dental, Dental Plus, Vision and SLTD  https://www.peba.sc.gov/iresources.html   (Click on "monthly premiums", then "active employees")

         If you have a question about a deduction amount for any other optional annuity or supplemental policy please contact Rikki Brown, Benefits Administrator.


    2) If you have over $50,000 in Optional Life insurance with the State and participate in the pretax benefit , you will have two deduction codes for this. The premium that applies to the first $50,000 is under OPTL/N(non-taxable) and the remaining premium is under OPTL/T(taxable).

    3) The ID Codes for your payroll deduction are as follows:
    (These are also listed out under Deductions Inquiry in ESS)


    State Benefits:
    PRETAX-Pretax feature administration fee
    BCBS/N-Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health (Non-taxable)
    BCBS/T-Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health (Taxable)
    HSA-Health Savings Account
    HSP-Health Savings Plan (Non-taxable)
    HSP-T-Health Savings Plan (Taxable)

    TRICAR – TriCare (Non-taxable)

    TRIC/T – TriCare (Taxable)

    DEN/N-Dental (Non-taxable)
    DEN/T-Dental (Taxable)
    DEN+/N-Dental Plus (Non-taxable)
    DEN+/T-Dental Plus (Taxable)

    EYEMDN-EyeMed Vision (Non-taxable)

    EYEMDT-EyeMed Vison (Taxable)
    OPTL/N-Optional Life (Non-taxable)
    OPTL/T-Optional Life (Taxable)
    DPL/CH-Dependent Life Child
    DPL/SP-Dependent Life Spouse
    SLTD-Supplemental Long Term Disability

    TSUR/N-Tobacco surchage (Nontaxable)

    TSUR/T-Tobacco surcharge (Taxable)
    DF401K-State Deferred Comp 401K Plan
    DF457-State Deferred Comp 457 Plan
    INSTAL-SCRS Installment Payments (Taxable)
    INST2-SCRS Installment Payments (Non-taxable)
    MP/DC-Money Plus Dependent Care Account
    MP/MS-Money Plus Medical Spending Account
    SPEND-Spending Account Admin. Fee

    HSAFEE - Health Savings Account Admin. Fee

    Optional ASD#1 Policies:
    CIGNA-Cigna life insurance and/or accidental death and dismemberment and/or short term disability and/or group critical illness and/or accident insurance  

    NWA-National Worksite ADVG (Whole Life and 529 Plan)

    PECP-Physicians Eye Care Plan (Vision Plan)

    FS529-Future Scholar (529 plan)

    Optional ASD#1 Annuities:
    AXA-AXA Equitable (Annuity)
    HOMANN-Horace Mann (Annuity)
    HMROTH - Horace Mann (Roth 403b)

    AXAROT - AXA Equitable (Roth 403b)

    EJROTH - Edward Jones (Roth 403b)

    FUNDSC - Edward Jones (403b)

    Other Deductions:
    UFCU-Upstate Federal Credit Union

    HMAUTO - Horace Mann (Auto Insurance)
    UNITED-United Way
    LEVY- Federal or State Levy on Wages 

    ORDER-Order to withhold 

    BANK- Bankruptcy
    JURY P-Jury Pay