Wren Middle's Physical Education course provides students with the opportunity to be actively involved in various activities that are created to aid in the development and maintenance of healthy and active lifestyles.  The emphasis of these activities is not geared toward the athlete, but to all individuals to develop a healthy lifestyle.  The class includes, but not limited to individual sports, team sports, lifelong skills, Fitnessgram testing, and information for a healthy lifestyle.  Students will attend Physical Education class every day for a semester (18 weeks).  Additional detailed information is posted on this webpage. 


    Draw the Line, Respect the Line is a science-based health education program based on multiple social psychological theories including:  Social Inoculation Theory and Social Cognitive Theory.  The curriculum provides information on reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases. The curriculum includes, but not limited to brainstorming, small groups, large group discussions, role playing, anonymous question box, games, student-parent homework, refusual skills, and defining/discussing abstinence.  The curriculum reaches different aspects according to the grade level of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Parents have the opportunity to view the curriculum. Parents also have the choice to opt their child out of the curriculum.