• Mr. David Merritt, Jr. - Secretary, Area 3
    Mr. David Merritt
    A District One graduate, Mr. Merritt's public school experience included education at Wren Elementary, Spearman Middle, Wren Middle, and Wren High schools along with a successful football career that landed the Hurricanes Upper-State runner-up honors.  After graduating from Clemson University, Mr. Merritt pursued a career in technical sales and management. He obtained his masters degree in business administration from Clemson University in 2002.  During the past twenty two years of board service, Mr. Merritt has worked hard for the upgrade of schools and technological resources. The iPad program puts the latest technology in our students hands and opens up new education opportunities. Exposure to this level of technology helps to prepare them for their future regardless of which career path they choose. Isn't that what education is all about?