Understanding the policies and procedures that govern the Purchasing Department can be very challenging.  As a result, this information is being offered as a Quick Reference Guide to all Anderson School District One employees who are directly or indirectly involved in the procurement process.  These policies and procedures are more specifically addressed in the District’s Procurement Code Policy.


    Should you have questions or concerns about this Quick Reference Guide, please contact Susan Ashley in the Purchasing Department.


    Small purchases


    Any single procurement not exceeding $50,000 may be made by the school district in accordance with this paragraph; provided, however, that such procurements must not be artificially divided so as to constitute a small purchase. Related items (such as small hardware items or spare parts for vehicles) may be included in one solicitation and the award made on an “all or none” basis. In such cases, suppliers shall be advised of this award procedure at the time quotations are requested.


    (a)   Small purchases not exceeding $2,500 may be accomplished without competitive quotations, if the prices are considered to be reasonable. The district shall annotate the purchase requisition as follows: “Price is fair and reasonable” and sign such purchase requisition. Such purchases shall be distributed equitably among qualified suppliers. When practical, a quotation will be solicited from other than the previous supplier prior to placing a repeat order. 

    (b)   Small purchases from $2,500.01 to $10,000 may be accomplished, if solicitation of written quotes from a minimum of three qualified sources of supply are made and  documentation of the quotes are attached to the purchase requisition.  The award must be made to the lowest responsive and responsible sources. 

    (c)    Small purchases from $10,000.01 to $50,000:  Written solicitation of written quotes, bids or proposals must be made for a small purchase over ten thousand dollars but not in excess of fifty thousand dollars.  The procurement must be advertised at least once in the South Carolina Business Opportunities publication.  A copy of the written solicitation and written quotes must be attached to the purchase requisition.  The award must be made to the lowest responsive and responsible source or, when a request for proposal (RFP) process is used, the highest ranking offeror.   


                  Sole source procurement


    (1)   Conditions for use: This method of procurement is the least competitive and, therefore, should have limited use. In those instances, however, where the district’s needs can only be met by one method, means or item, sole source is an appropriate and necessary method of procurement. Price is not an operative factor, inasmuch as the cost is not pertinent where the needs are unique and can only be satisfied through a unique one-of-a-kind acquisition. Such determination as to whether a procurement shall be made as a sole source shall be made by the school district. Such determination and the basis thereof shall be in writing and shall include an explanation as to why no other source will be suitable or acceptable to meet the need. 

    (2)   Award: A contract may be awarded for a supply, service or construction item without competition when the school district determines in writing that there is only one source for the required supply, service or construction item. The following are examples of circumstances which could necessitate sole source procurements: 

    (a)    where the compatibility of equipment, accessories or replacement parts is the paramount consideration; 

    (b)   where a unique item is needed for trial use or testing; 

    (c)    where a unique item is to be procured for resale; 

           (d)    where the item is one of a kind; and 

    (e)    printed forms, pamphlets, and brochures, exclusive of printing equipment.


    Emergency procurement


    Notwithstanding any other provision of this policy, the school district may make or authorize others to make emergency procurements when there exists a threat to public health, welfare or safety under emergency conditions, or where normal daily operations are affected; provided that such emergency procurements shall be made with such competition as is practicable under the circumstances. If emergency considerations exist after an unsuccessful attempt to use competitive sealed bidding, an emergency procurement may also be made. A written determination shall be made stating the basis for an emergency procurement and for the selection of the particular vendor. Emergency procurements shall be limited to that of supplies, services or construction items necessary to meet the emergency.




    The school board may exempt specific supplies or services from this policy. The following supplies and services are exempted from this policy:


    (a)   Books; periodicals; newspapers; technical pamphlets; standardized tests and testing materials; copyrighted educational materials including soft ivare, CD ROMs, videos, filmstrips, slides, and transparencies; 

    (b)   Public utilities; 

    (c)    Travel; 

    (d)   Workshops, seminars, conferences; 

    (e)   Professional journals; 

    (f)    Taxes, social security, annuities, credit union 

    (g)   Life insurance or supplemental insurance; 

    (h)   Oil company credit cards: purchases for gas and oil and emergency repairs; 

    (i)    Professional services normally obtained on a fee basis, such as attorneys, accountants, physicians, or dentists, provided that no such services may be awarded without approval of the school district board of trustees; 

    (j)    Clergy; 

    (k)   Court reporters; 

    (l)   Professional dues, registration and membership fees; 

    (m)  Instructional training seminars or staff development offered by the district to district employees and those contractual services necessary to provide the services for the semmar; 

    (n)   Diplomas; 

    (o)   U.S. postage stamps and post office boxes; 

    (p)   Art reproductions; 

    (q)   Expert witness services; 

    (r)    Furniture refurbishing services of the Department of Corrections; 

    (s)    Services and/or supplies provided by the Division of General Services to public procurement units; 

    (t)    Livestock, feed and veterinary supplies and services; and 

    (u)   Local school funds (Optional: not allocated funds).