• Understanding your W-2, Check Stubs, and Salary:


    Your W-2 does not list your Gross Pay/Salary at all.  Your W-2 only list TAXABLE Wages! These are Federal (Box 1), State (Box 16), Social Security (Box 3) and Medicare (Box 5). In most cases these amounts are significantly lower than Gross Pay/Salary!

    1)    Your W-2 will not match your December check stub or your salary for the following reasons:

    a.     Your W-2 will not match your December check stub because of pre-tax deductions.

    b.     Your W-2 is calendar year while your salary is fiscal year.

    c.     Your W-2 only list taxable amounts. Your salary is your gross pay and this is not listed on your W-2.

    2)    To verify you have been paid the correct salary per your contract you will need to first determine if your contract is paid August through July (190-205 day contracts) or July through June (220-260 day contracts).  You can then add together the Gross pay of each of your pay stubs yourself or you can simply look at the YTD total on the last pay stub for your contract period. You may have more than one pay line.  Your actual salary should be on the first line and any other lines are extra pay that would not be included in your salary but would be included to determine taxable income.

    3)    Your W-2 and Your YTD totals on your last check stub in 2017 are both calendar year totals. However, your W-2 will not match your last check stub for 2014 if you have ANY pretax deduction. Below are the instructions on how you can reconcile your W-2 to your last check stub for 2017.


    Social Security Taxable Income = YTD Gross Pay from your last check stub for 2017 minus the YTD totals for any of the following pre-tax deductions you may have:
    • PRETAX-Pretax feature administration fee
    • BCBS/N-Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health
    • TRICAR-Tricare Health Supplement
    • TSUR/N-Tobacco Surcharge
    • HSA-Health Savings Account
    • HSP-Health Savings Plan
    • DEN/N-Dental
    • DEN+/N-Dental Plus
    • EYEMED/N-EyeMed Vision
    • OPTL/N-Optional Life
    • MP/DC-Money Plus Dependent Care Account
    • MP/MS-Money Plus Medical Spending Account
    • SPEND-Spending Account Admin. Fee
    • HSAFEE-Health Savings Account Admin. Fee
    Federal and State Taxable Income =Your Social Security Taxable Income minus the YTD totals for any of the following pre-tax deductions you may have:
    • SCRS-South Carolina Retirement System
    • RETER-South Carolina Retirement System
    • ORP/AG-ORP Retirement-American General
    • ORP/H-ORP Retirement-Hartford
    • ORP/TI-ORP Retirement-TIAA/CREF
    • ORP/ML-ORP Retirement-METLIFE
    • AXA-AXA Equitable (Annuity)
    • HOMANN-Horace Mann (Annuity)
    • FUNDSC-Edward Jones (Annuity)
    • DF401K-State Deferred Comp 401K Plan
    • DF457-State Deferred Comp 457 Plan
    • INST2-SCRS Installment Payments
    • TRAVEL-Travelers
    • METLIF-Metlife
    • AMRFUN-Amercian Fund
    • NRTH-Northern Life ING
    • LSW-Life Insurance Co. of Southwest
    • PUTNAM-Putnam
    • VALIC-Valic
    • AXAROT-AXA Equitable (Roth 403b)
    • EJROTH-Edward Jones (Roth 403b)
    • HMROTH-Horace Mann (Roth 403b)