• Showbie Codes:

    Contemporary Literature 1A--3AW7R

    English IV 5A--ZK2EZ

    Theater I,II--6EZ8Q

    Contemporary Literature 1B--WQPKG

    English IV 3B--NRMGC

    English IV 7B--3GHY2


    Remind 101:

    Join Contemporary Literature at  https://remind.com/join/6888ad

    Join English IV at  https://remind.com/join/mssmoy

    Join Theater at  https://remind.com/join/hkhfd

    Join Drama Club/Spotlight Players at https://remind.com/join/7h9eb


    You may also text 81010 @6888ad (Cont.Lit.)

    or @mssmoy (Eng.IV)

    or @hkhfd (Theater)

    or @7h9eb (Drama Club).


    If 81010 does not work text the applicable code to 864-214-0185.




    All students need to sign up at this link.

    For Mrs. Cunningham:

     Please fill out this Google Form:



    Proofreading and plagiarism Check application:



    Trouble with Shakespeare?  

    Check out this app for your phone or iPad.  It's free and includes help with difficult words and a search feature to help you find words, phrases, or quotations.



    Check out this citation chart if you're having difficulties with citations: